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Ikey Mo's hugely anticipated debut ep 'Beginners Guide To Self Defence' was released in October 2002.  Once in the media's hot little hands the disk generated a string of rave reviews both locally and nationally. 
'A brilliant ep that is a jam packed gem!'
                                               Jaz, THE OZ MUSIC PROJECT
'Chis Fullers reputation as a certified monster of high-octane indie rock, established with Anodyne 500, could have been the death of his new outfit Ikey Mo.... that is he didn't produce an EP of his finest material to date. Evil Knievel is quite simply, one of those tunes, as unforgettable as Ammonia's  Drugs, Pollyanna's Lemon Suck and Jebediah's Jerk's of Attention - potent, pumping pop dressed in distortion and layered in drooling melody. Simply Mr Fuller and the gang have nailed it. A fluke, right? Think again, with the sonic explosion that's chemical Girl and You Dont Say's tilt towards rock's darker side, not only have Ikey Mo proved they are masters of pop strategy, they are also experts in the more difficult language of rock. You cant really argue with talent.
By the end of November 2002 Australia's favourite youth station, Triple J, had picked up the opening track - Evil Knievel - and included on their 'Hit List' for three weeks. The song still recieves rotation on the station to this day.
If that were not enough Ikey Mo also in this time won 'Artist of the Year' at the Music Oz Awards in Sydney.
so there you have it folks, if you know what is good for it TODAY!
'Rock....the way it was meant to be.'
                                           Sabian Wilde, XPRESS MAGAZINE
Available now through all good record stores througout Australia.