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The story so far....

IKEY MO (pronounced: eye key mo)

: cockney slang for dodgy or mischievous behavior, receiver of stolen goods and excessive gamblers.


Heres how it goes. Ikey Mo started life in June 2000, one stormy night, high above the sleeping city of Perth when a crazed nuclear physicist and his trust assistant Igor channeled the energy of lightening down to their hillside laboratory to create new life. Vocalist / Guitarist / Songwriter Chris Fuller was joined with Glen Young (Guitar/ Vocals) , David Manley (Bass guitar) and Gary Kump (Drums) in what was to become a Frankenstienesque amalgam of members of notable acts Anodyne 500, Burnside, Collide and Vinyl.


Mr Manleys shoes have since been filled by the enigma (and certified monster of rock) known as Adam Safe (ex. Wookstar). Anyone familiar with the Perth music scene over the last few years would know that this was going to be a formidable combination.


The bands debut EP Beginners Guide To Self Defence, recorded at Studio Couch by Sean O Callaghan (Halogen, Eskimo Joe, John Butler Trio) was released in October 2002  and from the early reports the public at large are going to need to defend themselves against its mind-melding charms. From the infuriatingly catchy opener Evil Knievel, to the sonic explosion that is Chemical Girl, through to the moody atmospherics of Know Who You Are, an amazing amount of musical ground is being covered over the five tracks on offer.


A short time after its release  Beginners Guide.. had received rave reviews throughout Australia and Evil Knievel found its way to Triple Js hit list.  If that were not enough Ikey Mo also in this time took out a swag of awards at the  Music Oz Awards in Sydney including the Artists of the Year Award, Festival Publishing Award, APRA Songwriters Award and the overall New Alternative Pop/ Rock category.


2003 ?  you ask Ikey Mo plan to deliver what the good rockin doctor orders a tour of the east coast of Australia in April/ May, releasing a new recording and plenty more smoldering live performances.


So there you have it. The Mo have landed. Lock up your daughters, brothers, mothers and any spare cash because no one is safe (except Adam of course), now they are amongst us! The force is strong with these ones Obi wan.  


Ikey Mo

Debut EP Beginners Guide To Self Defence OUT NOW

Chris Fuller...

A.K.A: Captain Fuller / Sneaky Cookie


STARSIGN: Leo (grrrr!)


HISTORY: Rosemary Beads / Anodyne 500


JOB DESCRIPTION: Guitar, Vox, Tunes, Vibes


GEAR: Guitars

                72 Les Paul custom (Its a monster of rock!)

                Epiphone Sheraton semi (A lesser monster)

                Maton 225EC acoustic


                Marshall JMP 50 watt combo


                Mesa Boogie v-twin preamp distortion (phwor!)

                70s Ibanez fuzzwah (its groovy baby)

                Boss digital delay

                Boss tremolo pedal (actually its Glens but I have

                Cunningly stolen it, hence the name sneaky cookie)


AMBITIONS: The usual really, - world domination through superior musical firepower. To write tunes that say something and to give up the day job.


LIKES: Hefty unrecoupable cash advances, white hot rock action and black clothing


DISLIKES:Darren Hayes' music, George Bush Jnr and the prospect of supporting US' commercially motivated war, vacuous dance tunes and elitism in all its forms.                                               


Gary Kump...

A.K.A: Gazzaaaa! / Dollar Gazzler/ Dad


STARSIGN: Aries (I am Gary, hear me roar!)


HISTORY: Vinyl, Blistermint


JOB DESCRIPTION: Drums, Vox, Tunes, novice Jedi Guitar, Mabo Feng Shui



                  Yamaha custom maple ( Nice Toms must hit



                  An amalgam of Sabian & Piaste (Man & his Cymbals - spooky!)


AMBITIONS: To earn money from music - to dream the impossible dream!


LIKES: See Chris' cash comments. Also sloth like couch action with all remotes in easy reach. Oh yeah and monkeys because their great!


DISLIKES: Lack of parking @ venues - pay to play? - noooo! Monsoon like rain when loading in or out


Adam Safe...
AKA: Cupcake/Safey/Ads
STARSIGN: Saggitarius
JOB DESCRIPTION: Bass, Bad Jokes, Nice Guy
                 Fender Squire Precision Bass - this thing has been morphed into a 
                 precision/jazz bass.
                 Fender Squire Mustang -short scale.
                 Marshall Dynamic 200w Bass system, my true pride & joy.
                 Marshall 4x10 cab - Makes my Pride & Joy loud!
                 Dod FX50 Distortion pedal - shit guitar pedal, great bass distortion.
AMBITIONS: I dont know about this one... ahhhh... retire young maybe. Having a record deal good enough to retire even younger?!
LIKES: Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing. Watching cool bands and not having anyone look at me funny coz I'm not dancing like they are (sometimes I just like to watch, you know!)
DISLIKES: Stinkey people, dog poo between my toes (which would make me a stinkey person)

Glen Young...

A.K.A: G Fresh




JOB DESCRIPTION: Guitar, Vox, Tunes, Arrogant Sarcasm


GEAR:             Guitars

                      1970 SG Custom (Kiss my @$&#! You Dont have one!)

                      Les Paul Custom Thin line (Its thin but its


                      Rickenbacker 620 (I love her)


                      Marshall JCM 800 50 watt combo & 2 / 12 (its heavy and its 


                      H&K Tubeman distortion preamp

                      Boss Tremolo pedal (Some bastards

                      Pinched it though!)


AMBITIONS: riting cool tunes and having cool people like them


LIKES: Amassing completely unnecessary amounts of musical equipment and maxing out credit cards!


DISLIKES: People who diss my disproportionately large headed cat