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'Rock....the way it was meant to be'
                       Sabian Wilde, X-PRESS MAGAZINE  (2002)

...Ikey Mo have been sipping that special West Australian water that enables you to write brilliant tunes....
                           Robbie Buck, TRIPLE J

Rockus Online Magazine
Ikey Mo
Beginners Guide To Self Defence
MGM Distribution
Review by Steph Edwardes
Rockus Rating 9/10
Any music project wiith the name Chris Fuller attached to it is bound to get more than just a glance of interest. The ex - Anodyne 500 frontman has taken the amazing pop sensibilities of the now defunct legendary Perth act, thrown in a pinch of rock and created his new outfit Ikey Mo.....and here's the first offering in CD format, Beginners Guide To Self Defence.
Listeners may well be aware of lead track 'Evil Knievel' which has been receiving a healthy amount of airplay on Triple J. It's Anodyne with a harder edge, supported by well thoughout songwriting intricacies that Fuller is renowned for.
The remaining songs on the EP are all unique in their own right, posessing those excelled qualities as mentioned but seem to almost develop more strength the further one engages in this gigantic slice of intelligent pop - rock. There's the moments of unrestrained joy and there's the moments where you sit in a silent kind of awe.
It does'nt get better than this. 

'Kicking in with the brutal hook of Evil Knievel, Beginners a superb release has reinstated Fuller as one of the states greatest rock tunesmiths....
                                            Julian Tompkin, XPRESS MAGAZINE

Ikey Mo - Beginner's Guide to Self Defence

There is a musical genre for just about everything now. One of the latest fads taking over Southern Californian airwaves at the moment is Narcocorrido - Mexican Gangster Folk. With this in mind, let's turn our attention to Ikey Mo and their album "Beginners Guide to Self Defence". I hate to use the words Post-Grunge, but like Jesse "The Body" Ventura, I call 'em like I see 'em.

Featuring members of great local talent such as Anodyne 500, Collide, Burnsyde and Vinyl, Ikey Mo have the goods to go all the way. Find security in Adam Safe's electrifying bass tomfoolery. He sets a tone for the band that the others can't help but follow. Feel satisfied with Chris Fuller's axework. Rediscover your youth with Glen Young's six-string heroics. Gary Kump's drumming: world class.

Ikey Mo aren't here to argue, they're simply here to rock. Testify.

- Ray Hoginski

IKEY MO - "Beginner's Guide to Self-Defence"IKEY MO - "Beginner's Guide to Self-Defence"
WAM Featured EP

In the wake of Anodyne 500s demise a few years back there was always the hope that its various members may go on to fulfil the tragically unfulfilled potential of their former band in particular frontman Chris Fuller. So naturally when Ikey Mo, fronted by Fuller, emerged from the rubble soon after there were automatic expectations. Unfortunately, it was always going to be difficult to live up to what was expected of them, and with a string of line up changes and hit and miss live shows (they were a new band after all), for a while the future wasnt looking too bright. But what some perhaps failed to consider (and the faithful never forgot) was that it was always the quality and depth of Fullers songs that had set Anodyne apart in the first place. Which is why its so good to hear that on Ikey Mos debut recorded release hes in as fine a form as ever.

As consistent a batch of songs as you could possibly hope for (apparently each of the five songs have already received airplay in different parts of the country) its hard pinpoint highlights on Beginners Guide To Self Defence. Whether its the now familiar Evil Knievel and Chemical Girl, or the more epic pop climbs of Orpheus and Know Who You Are (my current fave) youll probably find that, like me, youll have a new favourite track with each listen. Perhaps itd be easy to level accusations of same-i-ness at Ikey Mos debut, what with pretty consistently rocking guitars harmonised vocal melodies running rife throughout the entire disc, but this reviewer doesnt ever remember that being a particularly bad thing. Besides, theres a dark sense of humour that keeps a watchful eye on proceedings, and never lets the depths stagnate. Neuromancer, funny like cancer (one the years best lyrics for mine) and Chemical Girls incredibly cynical Hello, hello, hello, hello are case in point.

But its not all cynicism either. The latter tracks, the growers, maintain the darkness in the lyrics without looking to humour, but rather openly display emotion. Know Who You Ares key lyric Could you be the one to put out the sun? Im thinking so in the afterglow is perhaps an inroad into what makes one of Perths most respected songwriters tick. Its a mix of the accessible and the not-so, both lyrically and musically, and its an intriguing ride throughout.

Harvey Rae.